About the artist

Alice Spiers is a traditional portrait painter specializing in the struggle and beauty of the female spirit; as depicted in the characters often painted in her dreamy fairy tale scenes. As much as the vibrant colours first draw the eye, the content and themes surrounding her works leave the viewer unsettled, with the imagery shifting on the verge between the realms of dream and nightmare; the subject bathed in pure black, surrounded by watchful eyes, or set in varying motionless forms that suggest the feeling of being stuck or frozen in time.


‘Mental health is a part of who you are, and allowing it to be reflected in your work and how you express yourself makes for a more authentic creation.’

-Spoiler Magazine, Emma Spiers

Many of the themes in Alice’s pieces revolve around a choice or consequence the character has to make in her story. This narrative of art gives each piece it’s own unique atmosphere, from the quiet moments captured in her new ‘Fragments’ painting that depicts the ambience of daily life in the comfort and privacy we experience in our own space, to the more disturbing imagery encountered in pieces such as ‘Day-Blind Stars’ and ‘Exoskeleton’ that embody various mental states we strive to conquer. Alice’s works, each in their own way, introduce a fairy tale that explores the characters vulnerabilities, growth, and ability to overcome, much as the female spirit is indoctrinated in the minds of viewers in art and media today. This strength achieved in the fictional world is what pushes Alice’s work to effect both the audience and herself in the real one, becoming a force that pours both the paint and her heart across the canvas.